GloRilla Strongly Encourages Women In Their 20s To 'Be Toxic'

Social Media Reacts After GloRilla Strongly Encourages Women In Their 20s To ‘Be Toxic’: ‘Things Like This Ain’t Funny No More’

GloRilla has sparked a plethora of reactions from social media users after advocating for women in their 20s to live their best “toxic” lives.

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GloRilla’s Comments On Toxicity In Your 20s

The 24-year-old rapper shared a video of herself on her Instagram Story on Monday. In the video, GloRilla explained why she feels women in their 20s should be as “toxic” as possible.

“Hey ladies… I just want to let y’all know, be toxic for the rest of your twenties. You only get one life — live your toxic twenties…”

GloRilla went on to add that one never gets to experience their twenties forever, so they should “be toxic.”

“You never get to be twenty years old — 21, 22, 23, 24 — none of that ever again in your life. Be toxic.”

Additionally, the rapper explained that it’s better for one to “be toxic” while in their twenties than their thirties.

“Cause don’t get in your thirties thinking you can just go slashing tires and doing all this crazy s**t — you’re too old for that now! You’re too mature — be toxic for the rest of your twenties. And if you’re delusional, turn the s**t up a notch,” she continued while laughing.

Before ending the video, the 24-year-old reiterated her stance.

“Enjoy the rest of your twenties,” she stated. “You only get to do this s**t one time.”

Social Media Reacts

Social media users quickly stepped into The Shade Room’s comment section to share their reactions to the rapper’s advice for women in their twenties. Many strongly advocated against her sentiments.

Instagram user @koko_barbz wrote.
“Please Don’t be Toxic in your 20’s or you will regret it in your 30’s!”
Instagram user @raynishanicole added.
“If you spend your 20’s being toxic instead of maturing you’ll still be doing the same in your 30’s. Messy and immature doesn’t have an age”

Meanwhile, rapper Lil Mama added.

“N If You Know Better Do Better, Don’t be TOXIC on Purpose and end up Doing 25 to Life. Cuz You’ll only be 50 Once Too. #BigTwin on the Step In!!! Love You Bye ✨💖✨”

While other users shared their own words of advice.

Instagram user @thelegalkeiz wrote.
“Wish y’all would stop normalizing this behavior. Be good people 🙃”

While @chythegreatest added.

“Ladies by experience, every man I’ve been toxic with left me. Please don’t be toxic, it’s not worth it in fact God is watching and he don’t accept that kind of behavior.”
Instagram user @charorandolph wrote.
“Be selfish. Be educated. Be strong. Be wise. Be intuitive. Be classy. Be a leader. Be powerful. Be on yo shit! There’s so much to do in your 20s that will set you straight for your 30s. You can retire & start a family. I beg all young ladies, be smart in your 20s!! Think!! Focus!! Please!!”
Instagram user @_iamevolving added.
“Oh No baby, open your Roth RIA or mutual fund invest in your future , heal your mind body and soul , learn how to become whole , so you can attract what you are ! Have your fun but be wise , let the toxic go , toxicity usually attracts more toxicity , which is hard to heal from in your 30s”
One user, 2michaelxpanama, even tagged GloRilla directly in their comment.
@glorillapimp girl you have a lot of growing to do. Things like this ain’t funny no more. You got a big platform. Education is the best thing for you at this point. It’s clear you aren’t emotionally mature. & I’m not attacking you I just want you to know you’re wrong for promoting such immature behavior. It isn’t cute. Nor funny.”

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