GloRilla & Kai Cenat Share Playful, Flirty Exchange On IG Live

GloRilla & Kai Cenat Share Playfully Flirty Exchange On Instagram Live: ‘You Making Me Blush Too Hard’ (Video)


GloRilla & Kai Cenat Share Playfully Flirty Exchange On Instagram Live: 'You Making Me Blush Too Hard' (Video)

GloRilla and Kai Cenat are the latest talks on the internet after the two shared a humorously flirtatious Instagram Live on Wednesday.

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GloRilla Shows Off Her Twerking Skills For Kai Cenat

According to HipHopDX, GloRilla, and Cenat hopped on Instagram Live Wednesday, and the two playfully began admiring each other’s physical looks.

Cenat began by showing off his tattoos to Glo. Then she asked him to take his shirt off.

“Take your shirt off, let me see…”

GloRilla said.

“Alright, alright, alright…”

Cenat responded, quickly taking off his shirt.

As he backed away from the camera, showing off his entire figure, Cenat flexed his muscles for the rapper.

“You flexing yo abs — I didn’t even know you had all that!”

GloRilla responded.

After, Cenat questioned the rapper, asking how her day was.

“My day was great. I did work — I was throwing that a** all day like, you know I’m think as a motherf****r.”

GloRilla explained.

Cenat explained that he was “just” watching GloRilla’s music video and agreed with her thoughts about her body.

“I just reacted to your music video like literally like ten minutes ago, and I’m not gonna lie, I would say that a** was moving for real… I don’t know how you’re really so thick…”

GloRilla then turned around and briefly showed off her twerking skills for Cenat.

“That motherf****r is moving though — for sure.”


Kai Cenat Questions If GloRilla Is Single

In a separate clip, Kai Cenat also questioned GloRilla, asking if she’s single.

After she says no, Cenat responds by telling her that she’s lying.

“Stop, you making me blush too hard.”

GloRilla says after the video clip cuts.

After, Cenat then questions the rapper, asking if she’s ever been to New York.

“I know all the nice food spots and s**t. You feel me…”

As he continues to remark about New York, Cenat stops himself.

“Hold up; it’s getting hot in here.”

He then rips off his tank top, exposing his muscled chest to the rapper.

“I like how you did that!”

GloRilla remarks.


GloRilla And Kai Cenat Have Previously Showed Off Their Camaraderie

Although flirtatious, the exchange between GloRilla and Kai Cenat appears to be all in fun.

The two appear to have a friendship with one another. As HipHopDX previously reported, GloRilla used clips of Cenat live-streaming one of her songs as an introduction at one of her concerts.

Roomies, did you enjoy the playful exchange between GloRilla and Kai Cenat? Would you be here for them testing the waters as a couple?


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