Lil Tay Clears The Air On Death Hoax & 'Abusive, Absentee' Father

Social Media Reacts After Lil Tay Clears The Air On Death Hoax & Details Cutting Ties With Alleged ‘Abusive, Absentee’ Father

Lil Tay is clearing the air regarding a recent hoax that led fans to falsely believe she and her brother, Jason Tian, were deceased. Additionally, the teenager is addressing her current relationship with her father, Chris Hope. As The Shade Room previously reported, in September, the rapper was spotted out for the time since the viral death hoax took place in August.

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Lil Tay Takes To Instagram Live To Address The Death Hoax & Relationship With Her Father

Over the weekend, Lil Tay took to Instagram Live to share an update with her fans. The teenager began by telling viewers that “it’s been five years” and they’re “still broke.”

Afterward, Tay explained that she “has a lot of s** to say.” The video then cuts to Tay holding a sign that read, “Clearing up rumors.”

“As you know, there’s a lot of s**t that happened when I was famous,” Tay began. “And a lot of that involved the media and the press slandering the f**k out of my family — me and my mom.”

Tay explained that her mother was not “fired” from her real estate position. Her mother “resigned”; however, the company was allegedly still charging her mother “thousands of dollars” in “desk fees.” Tay explained that her mother ultimately sued the real estate company and won.

As the live stream continued, the rapper broached the suspect of “random… frauds” who have “claimed” to be her manager. However, she has “never had a manager.”

“All of those people are con artists — they’re exploiting my name for clout and for industry credit…” she continued.

Tay then alleged that her father, Chris Hope, was behind “the death hoax.”

“He was trying to sabotage me,” Tay explained. “Meanwhile, he was working with this other con artist that was claiming to be my manager and they had a crypto coin together. Their plan was to fake my death and then promote the crypto coin — which, by the way, the ‘manager’ admitted to. He said he’d been working on the crypto coin for months. These people are frauds.”

The rapper continued by explaining that “this proves how much the press… did not do any fact-checking.” Tay seemingly referred to reports published in August citing her “former manager Harry Tsang” and other unnamed persons.

“As long as you claimed to be my manager, they would just take your word for it,” she continued. “As long as anyone claimed that my mom got fired from her job… they would just report on it, even though it’s not true.”


In a separate video obtained by TMZ, Lil Tay also alleged that she and her mother have been “abused” by her “absentee” father, Chris Hope.

“He is not the good guy here; he wanted control over my career and my money and me and my family had to go through even more years of abuse through the court system because of him,” Tay explained.

As the rapper continued, she explained that she and her family won the legal proceedings and are “free now.”

As The Shade Room previously reported, Tay’s father has previously responded to the allegations against him and alleged that they are false.

Before concluding the live stream, Tay shared the release of her latest music video, “Sucker 4 Green.”

Social Media Reacts

Social media users quickly entered The Shade Room’s comment section to share their reactions to Lil Tay’s live stream. Many appeared offended by the rapper seemingly calling viewers out at the beginning of her stream.

Instagram user @girlhefunny1x wrote.
“She supposed to have a whole new style it been 5 years ain’t no way she still saying we broke 😭”
While Instagram user @bflyla added.
“Girl EFF YOU.! It was funny when she was like 5 now I want to know who TF you talking you 😒”
Instagram user @karranr_ wrote.
“So she came back from the dead to call us broke? Gotcha…”
While others commented on Tay’s opportunity to “rebrand.”
Instagram user @ajkraz621 wrote.
“Bro she had the perfect opportunity to rebrand and she ruined it already 😂”
Meanwhile, Instagram user @kingdukk added.
“Dang …. I thought we was gone see some growth .”
Instagram user @tanairy_328 wrote.
“I know it’s silly, but I legit feel disappointed, I envisioned her comeback an ENTIRELY different way. I thought she would come back more mature and humble and not exactly like the money flexing little girl she was. That live she posted shows she hasn’t changed at all. Her family has really shaped this person and not for the good.”

A Brief Look Back On The Hoax Concerning Lil Tay & Reported Updates

As The Shade Room previously reported, a message was shared on Lil Tay’s Instagram on August 9. The message alleged that the rapper and her brother, Jason Tian, passed away.

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However, the following day, a new statement alleged that the original was a hoax and Tay’s social media had been “compromised.”

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Later in August, attorneys on behalf of Lil Tay’s mother, Angela Tian, revealed that the teenager was in her custody.

Then, Lil Tay was spotted for the first time in several years last week. At the time, it appeared the rapper was out with her mother and brother, per The Shade Room.

Roomies, what do you think of the developments regarding Lil Tay and her explanation regarding the death hoax?


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