Whew! Roommates, Drake surprised the internet with two new drops “ChicagoFreestyle” and “When To Say When!” Though everyone was shocked by the drop, people were even MORE shocked by Drake addressing his baby mama Sophie by calling her a fluke! Listen to his bar below:

Now, we don’t know much about Sophie, outside of learning about her past (thanks to Pusha T) as an alleged adult entertainer, fast forward to being an accomplished artist and very heavily involved with humanitarian initiatives, see those posts below:

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Such an honor to host today’s official #worldhabitatday in partnership with Urban Economy Forum and the City of Toronto. • World Habitat Day supports the @unhabitat’s mission to achieve @undp goal #11 : inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable cities. 2019’s theme is “Frontier technologies as an innovative tool to transform waste to wealth”. All waste produced by human activity continues to have a devastating impact on climate change, public health, and the environment. Here, turning waste into wealth, means using the untapped potential of waste materials which technologies such as AI, 3D printing, nanotechnology, and so on can help achieve. • In that spirit ArtsHelp launched the recycled backpacks capsule collection made entirely out of old vinyle billboards! • A big thank you to my wonderful co-host @mocpr and the whole UEF team.

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Sis even met the Pope! See below:

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• 🇫🇷 Un grand honneur de rencontrer le Pape François et lui offrir son portrait peint par mes soins en l’honneur de son concert pour les pauvres, avec les pauvres, le 9 Novembre 2019. Un grand merci à @etihadmodernart de m’avoir offert cette merveilleuse opportunité 🙏. Le vert est la couleur de l’espoir, et le rouge la couleur de la lutte contre la pauvreté. • 🇺🇸 Such an honor to meet Pope Francis and gift him the portrait I painted for him in honor of his concert with and for the poor on Nov 9 2019. Thank you @etihadmodernart for giving me this amazing opportunity. I used green, the color of hope, with red, the color designated by @undp to fight poverty. • 🇪🇸 Un gran honor encontrar al Papá Francesco y regalarle en mano la pintura que hice para el, por la ocasión de su concierto para los pobres, con los pobres, el 9 de Noviembre 2019. Utilize el verde para simbolizar Esperanza, y el rojo representa la lucha contra la Pobreza

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Basically, sis seems to be unproblematic and living her best life! SO,. naturally when people heard Drake’s verse on “When To Say When,” it was met with mixed reviews and the internet had a wholeeee lot to say! Some people are saying ever since Papi got them earrings he’s been TRIPPIN’ and him calling Sophie a fluke was out of pocket, while others are saying, it’s just a bar and your other favorite rappers have said crazier things! In the bar, he goes on to say:

“Brought a few Ws to the 6ix Baby mama fluke, but I love her for who she is…”

See their reactions below:

If Sophie is holding him down, and with holding pictures of Adonis from the internetsss, should Drake be out here giving away back-handed compliments? Cause chileeeee, Lord knows if I was on the receiving end, Drizzy would have gotten a text from me with some explaining to do, okay?! Regardless of their relationship, Sophie has still been very hush on the internet abut the line. Drake also hasn’t mentioned anything about the bar, asa of now it feels very much like “he said, what he said, PERIODT.”

There’s no word on if the two songs that Drake dropped is a hint that an alum is on the way, but clearly he still has a lot to say!