Social Media Reacts To Remy Ma Saying She Doesn't Think Doja Cat Is A Rapper But "She's Dope"

Social Media Reacts To Remy Ma Saying She Doesn’t Think Doja Cat Is A Rapper But “She’s Dope”

Roomies, the Remy Ma conversation with Drink Champs is the interview that just keeps on giving. On Friday, people were discussing her Nicki Minaj comments, and today, folks are discussing a clip of Remy Ma saying Doja Cat isn’t a rapper.

During the conversation, Remy Ma gave Doja her props but mentioned she didn’t think she was a rapper. Online, the conversation seems to be split. An equal amount of people seem to agree and disagree with Remy Ma.

Someone tweeted, “So Lauryn Hill can be considered as a rapper but Doja Cat can’t?” Another person who agrees that Doja was a rapper stated, “Doja Cat not being labeled as a rapper baffles me. Yes she includes heavy pop in her music, but she be rapping her a** off over them pop beats.”

A couple of people disagreed. Though they acknowledged her talent, they stated she wasn’t considered a rapper. “Doja has a lot of hits and I love her so much but she ain’t a rapper I would put her in the pop category even @applemusic put her as the face of pop,” someone expressed. Another person added,”Can she rap? YES! Is she a rapper? NO! Y’all stans be in your feelings when people just talking facts.”

If you recall, Doja also took home two awards for Favorite R&B Album and Favorite Female R&B Artist at the AMA’s in 2021, and some people were opposed to it. Expressing disbelief, the commenter said, “Jhene Aiko didn’t win Best Female R&B artist but Doja cat does and I just don’t understanddd what category is doja in ??! #AMAs


Another person said, in her defense, “Her first Album and EP were mostly r&b. Why do you have to discredit her when u haven’t listened to her discography. Doja’s r&b is amazing”

Roomies, which category would you put Doja in?


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