Social Media Gives Tink Her Well-Deserved Flowers

Social Media Gives Tink Her Well-Earned Flowers: ‘She Deserves So Much More’

Tink—the artist behind hits like “Treat Me Like Somebody,” “Bottom B**ch,” and “Toxic”—was recently showered in love on social media, and fans are calling on others to put some respect on her name!

Twitter Users Surround Tink In Praise & Support

The conversation was sparked by a tweet made last week, which asked users to speak on a hardworking artist who “should be way bigger than they are right now.”

After the original post began to pick up traction, people began to chime in and speak on how they felt as though Tink is “the only correct answer,” as she “deserves so much more.”

When explaining their stance, users praised Tink for being “consistent” with her artistry.

Some users even spoke on how they felt as though her impact on the genre rivals the contributions of other singers like SZA, Kehlani, and Jhené Aiko.

As a result, it was noted that people should really “give Tink her flowers before she doesn’t want them anymore.”

Ultimately, the conversation around Tink prompted the original poster to chime in and say that she should’ve been “the #1 R&B girlie” after “Treat Me Like Somebody” dropped back in early 2014.

The Love Comes As She Unveils A New Album

Notably, this conversation was sparked around the time that Tink dropped a brand-new project called Thanks 4 Nothing. The album was just released on Friday, and it features collabs with Ty Dolla $ign and Yung Bleu.

A few months ahead of this project, she dropped another album called Pillow Talk, which featured artists like 2 Chainz, Muni Long, G Herbo, and Layton Greene.

The grind doesn’t end there, though, as she released a whopping seven albums between 2014 and 2021!

Shoutout to Tink, and do you agree with the sentiment that she should be a bigger name in the music industry thanks to her artistry?


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