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Social Media Users Think Remy Ma Shaded Megan Thee Stallion On ‘State Of The Culture’

Social media users seem to think that Remy Ma came for Megan Thee Stallion on a recent episode of Revolt’s “State of the Culture.”

The panel was discussing a recent interview of Meg conducted by influencer Brittany Renner at the Rolling Loud festival in the Bay Area. Social media had a field day with the interview, labeling it as “awkward” and “unprofessional.”

The reason for that was Brittany called Megan a “B***h” several times during the interview and many people were taken aback by that. But it didn’t appear that Meg seemed to mind or be bothered by the interview.

Despite that, Brittany’s interview was a topic of discussion and subsequently, the “State of the Culture” panel was one of the groups to break it down.

That’s how Remy got mixed up in all this. Remy said that the b-word wasn’t as bothersome as Brittany’s use of the word “scalawag.”

Remy went on to say that she looked up the definition of scalawag and felt that Megan actually fit the term and social media users weren’t too happy about that. But others felt that Remy was actually giving some love to Megan based on her definition. You can watch below:

In the clip, Remy says the definition of scalawag as someone who does bad things but are praised for it and she said Meg is a champion for that.

“She kind of might have been right by calling her a scalawag,” Remy said about Brittany.

Roommates, was Remy being shady by saying Megan Thee Stallion is a scalawag? Let us know!


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