Solange Knowles Sounds Off On Twitter On "Why Black Girls/Women Are So Angry"

Solange Knowles Sounds Off On Twitter On “Why Black Girls/Women Are So Angry”

Solange Knowles shared her thoughts earlier this evening on why she thinks black women are so angry and we are here for it. She spoke on an unsettling experience she had at a Kraftwerk concert with her son, his friend, and her husband.

Solo starts off by saying how she was excited to go to the concert and dance, and live her best life basically. She also pointed out that her party of 4 were about 4 of 20 black concert goers, out of 1500 other concert goers.

She continued to say how she and her son were dancing, and then says “4 older white women yell to me from behind, ‘sit down now'” They told her.

She proceeded to tell them that she’s dancing at a concert, and the older ladies continued to yell, “You need to sit down now.”

“We are at an ELECTRONIC and DANCE music concert and you are telling..not asking me…to sit down. In front of my child.” Solange tweeted as she continued to tell the story.

She continued saying the older ladies proceeded to throw something at her back–which her son later confirmed was a lime. Kudo’s to Solo for keeping it together during that moment because chile..

Solange tweeted that she is sharing her experience so that others can understand ‘why many of us don’t feel safe.’

“In many white spaces…We don’t ‘bring the drama'” She tweeted. “Fix yourself.”

“Nobody goes to the Kraftwerk show with their kid ‘looking for drama’ but that’s how you guys like to spin this.” She continued.

Solange closed out her story with nothing but positivity, on how she basically ignored them and continued to have a good time with her family.

“And last thing..I see folks saying ‘Well you live in Louisiana’…but I say I live in a city w THE most incredible, beautiful black folk.”

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