Soulja Boy Reportedly Orderd To Pay Ex-Girlfriend $230K

Soulja Boy Reportedly Ordered To Pay Ex-Girlfriend $235K After Allegedly Assaulting Her With A Gun In 2019

Soulja Boy has been ordered to pay his ex-girlfriend Kayla Myers over $230,000. The decision arrived after a jury sided in her favor in a lawsuit where she accused the rapper of bashing her in the head with a gun and punching her in the face.

Radar Online, citing court documents, reports that a Los Angeles jury reached that verdict on April 21 following a civil lawsuit filed by Myers.

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Soulja Boy’s Ex-GF Awarded A Grand Total Of $236K For Mental Health Expenses, Pain, And Trauma

She was awarded $1,800 for mental health expenses and $234,100 for physical and mental pain and trauma, totaling $235,900.

The jury also found that the rapper acted with “malice, oppression or fraud,” the outlet reports.

Rapper’s Ex Alleges He Hit Her In Head With Gun, Punched Her Face & Instructed Assistant To Tie Her Up

In her lawsuit against Soulja and his assistant Tevin, Myers claims she had been in an on-again, off-again relationship with the rapper at the time. Additionally, she explained that their relationship ended after a house party in Feb. 2019.

Myers said she got into an altercation with Soulja Boy’s female assistant there. This allegedly prompted the rapper to confront her before he hit her over the head with a firearm.

The 32-year-old entertainer and entrepreneur then reportedly punched Myers in the face.

Next, he reportedly directed his assistant to tie her arms and legs with an extension cord.

The lawsuit further claims that the assistant told Myers that she would have to perform sexual acts to be released. Myers explained that she complied to escape from the situation.

Soulja Boy was never criminally charged in the case. However, a 911 call by Myers immediately after the incident led to the discovery of several firearms in the rapper’s home.

Soulja Maintains Innocence While Ex Tells Jury She Suffered 3 Fractured Ribs, Bruised Face

Myers went on to testify and tell the jury that she suffered three broken ribs along with a bruised face following the reported attack. Photos of her injuries were similarly presented in court as evidence.

Meanwhile, the rapper has maintained his innocence and claims any purported injuries Myers’ suffered were inflicted by parties outside of his control, the outlet reports.

Phase two of the trial began earlier this week, wherein jurors will decide on punitive damages.


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