Soulja Boy Reportedly Thinks That The Recent Burglary At His Home Was An Inside Job

Soulja Boy Reportedly Thinks That The Recent Burglary At His Home Was An Inside Job

Recently we reported that Soulja Boy’s home was burglarized as he is currently sitting behind bars. However, sources have reportedly revealed that he thinks the whole thing was an inside job.

According to TMZ, sources close to Soulja said that people from his team have reviewed the surveillance footage and said that there is evidence that the burglars had some kind of inside of information because they knew when and where to enter his home to carry out the whole operation.

On the day of the burglary, Soulja’s team was reportedly out of the home for three hours and the burglars broke into the home about a half an hour before they returned. The surveillance footage reportedly shows the burglars taking only five minutes to get inside the home, hit his safe and make a fast and clean getaway.

The San Fernando Valley home is said to be in a secluded area, so you’ll only really know about it if you’ve been there before. Another hint that it could have possibly been an inside job is that the thieves entered through a door that had been damaged from a police raid back in February.

That door has since been fixed, and Soulja is reportedly adding security to the home.

As it was previously reported, Soulja is currently locked up for violating his probation. So while he’s been away, his home was burglarized and the thieves were able to get away with cash jewelry and his iPhone, which were  worth more than $500,000. What makes things more interesting is that the thieves were believed to have gone live on Soulja Boy’s Instagram following the burglary.


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