Soulja Boy Says He 'Created Going Viral'

Soulja Boy Says He ‘Created Going Viral’

By now we all know that Soulja Boy does not hold back with his thoughts, and he’s going to tell it like it is.

We currently live in an era where “going viral,” is the goal for many people. However, Soulja Boy wants everyone to know that he was the one to create the concept of going viral.

He took to his Twitter account and said, “I created going viral.”

“If you never cranked that Soulja Boy you lame af,” he continued.


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In the past, Soulja’s comments about his contributions to the culture have been met with great debates as some people have found his arguments valid.

Back in 2007 Soulja Boy dropped his breakout single “Crank Dat,” which was accompanied by a dance that instantly made him a star. The success of his song and dance came about when social media started to gain popularity among the youth.

Actor Khleo Thomas weighed in on Soulja Boy’s recent statement under the TSR comment section and said, “It’s hard to imagine Crank Dat being any bigger than what it was…but if Soulja had TikTok back then to also be a platform of the dance and song? 🤯🤯🤯” 

Quite a few other people agreed with his statement, including rapper BRS Kash, who also said, “Yuuuuuah!!!! I’ll Give Him That.”


Roommates, do you agree with Soulja Boy?


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