Soulja Boy Sued For Allegedly Pistol Whipping Woman & Tying Her up

Soulja Boy Sued For Allegedly Pistol Whipping Woman & Tying Her up

According to reports, Soulja Boy has been sued for allegedly pistol whipping a woman, ordering her to be tied up, along with allegedly being sexually assaulted by someone else in his home.

The alleged victim at the forefront of the lawsuit is Kayla Myers, according to Complex. She alleges the two had an on and off again relationship for four years.

According to the documents obtained by The Blast, the alleged incident happened in February 2019. 

Via The Blast: “In February of last year, according to the filing, she and another female who worked for the rapper got into a physical altercation over backing a car out of the rapper’s driveway. During the fight, she says Soulja Boy (real name: Deandre Way) ‘approached yelling profanities and kicked her, stomped her on the stomach and bashed her head with a large gun.'”

The Blast continues that the 29-year-old, “held the gun to her (the woman’s) head and told her she was going to die that night and would not make it home.” She claims she was “hurt so badly that she had trouble breathing.”

The website also states, “At that point, the woman claims SB ordered his assistant to take her to a shower and he watched while she undressed and claims he was present when she showered. At that point, she says he “was not happy with how (the woman) looked after the shower and asked her to take a second shower because she still had mud and dirt on her from when (the rapper) beat her by his driveway. She claims the rapper, “instructed his assistant, to take her in the garage and tie her up with duct tape. Shockingly, the woman claims Soulja Boy then ordered his assistant to grab her and she was, “wrapped an extension cord around (her) arms and took (her) into the garage” where she was watched by several people at the home for four hours.”

The Blast adds, “Eventually, she alleges one male inside the home, said: ‘that he would let her go if she performed oral sex on him.’ The woman claims, at the time, she ‘felt she has no choice but to perform oral sex on him in order to escape the garage.'”

Soulja Boy was most recently released from jail back in July 2019, stemming from a parole violation, which was a result of a 2014 gun charge.


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