South Carolina Teen Stops Mom From Drowning Second Sister

South Carolina Teen Called Hero After Stopping Mom From Allegedly Drowning Sister

A South Carolina teen is being called a hero for saving her sibling from being drowned by their own mother after successfully murdering another of her young daughters.

South Carolina Teen Saves 8-Year-Old Sister After Mother Allegedly Tries To Drown Her

The teen’s mother, Jamie Bradley-Brun, 37, reportedly drowned Mackaya Bradley-Brun, 6, early Friday morning at their home in St. Helena Island, according to the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office.

Bradley-Brun then tried to drown Mackaya’s 8-year-old sister before their teenage sibling jumped in and saved her, Sheriff P.J. Tanner said during a news conference.

“She defended her family when no one else was available to,” Sheriff Tanner told NBC News. “Her courage is amazing.”

South Carolina Mother Held Without Bond, Charged With Murder, Attempted Murder

The unnamed 16-year-old girl allegedly awoke to sounds of screaming in the middle of the night. Authorities say she went on to witness her mother attempting to drown the 8-year-old.

Now, she’s being credited as saving her sister’s life.

“She had the ability and courage to utilize her own strength to get her 8-year-old” sibling to safety, Tanner told NBC. “She had the composure to know that 911 needed to be called because she knew her other sister was in the home.”

Meanwhile, Bradley-Brun remains held without bond as of Tuesday, jail records show. She has since been charged with murder and attempted murder, according to PEOPLE.

GoFundMe Organized On Behalf Of Family, No Motive Offered As Of Yet

Tanner did not offer a possible motive but added: “I know what happened and it’s pretty horrific.”

According to a GoFundMe organized on behalf of the family, “KayKay” was a “cheerful and energetic girl with such a kind spirit.”

The description continues, “Her 2 sisters were her best friends, and she really loved her family and cousins. At her young age, she was a protective, courageous little girl who loved to dance, sing, and play with her family.”

$3,035 has been raised out of a $15,000 goal as of this article’s publication.


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