Spades Festival Or Mac & Cheese Festival--Which Event Would You Attend?

Spades Festival Or Mac & Cheese Festival–Which Event Would You Attend?

Roomies, y’all know that we turn everything into a celebration. From food to the fashions, anything that allows us to express who we are as a culture is one thang we love to do. What if these staple events within the community were festivals? If you could attend a Spades Festival or even a Fashion Festival, would you sign up for it?

“What’s the Bid?”

What’s an event without a game of Spades? Y’all know we love it and it gets pretty serious. Better hope you have a good partner ’cause this yearly festival ain’t one to be slacking on!

“Who Cooked This?”

A yearly cook off to see who can make the two staple dishes in the Black community–mac and cheese as well as potato salad. Black folks will launch a whole investigation, if the food ain’t right. ‘Cause if it’s nasty we asking, “Who Cooked This?”


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“Helmet of Salvation Festival”

A judgement free yearly festival that will showcase the bonnets and durags our people love to wear!

“What Those Hands Do?”

A yearly festival that would showcase the talent of some of the hottest braiders throughout the country. From feed-ins to knotless braids, let’s see what those hands do, boo!

“What’s Your Fashion Sense?”

Y’all know we have the fashion game in a chokehold! Why not hold a festival where we can showcase our drip? From the shoes all the way down to the nails, no one can do it better!

Which event would you attend, Roomies?


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