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Spotify Will Allow Independent Artists To Upload Their Own Music

To all aspiring artists, #Spotify is coming through with a new beta feature that may change some lives! According to @Verge, independent artists will soon be able to upload their music directly to the platform!

As of now the way music is uploaded to Spotify is through a label or a digital aggregator and never gave independent artists the ability to upload for themselves. Now, to be clear this latest inclusion isn’t like #SoundCloud, where songs can just be uploaded almost immediately. Instead, the new feature will basically empower independent artists and give them control over their own music. Allowing them to upload songs, album art and information on future release dates.

Now, before y’all ask, there reportedly is NO FEE for artists to upload to Spotify. Which is great news! This new revelation comes just a few weeks after Spotify also announced that they will be working with independent artists directly to work out licensing deals.

There are rumors flying around that the new move is to disrupt record labels. As we all know record labels have acted as liaisons between artists and the masses of people who consume their music. But as social media becomes more powerful, artists are finding new and creative ways to grow their following.

The Senior Product Lead, Kene Anoliefo said: “Artists receive 50% of net revenues from the songs they upload, and Spotify also accounts to publishers and collection societies for additional royalties related to the music composition.”

#Roommates, are you here for this new feature and will you be listening to more independent artists? Let us know!


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