Steph Curry Says Daughter Riley, 11, Has A Passion For Volleyball

Jr. Athlete! Steph Curry Reveals Daughter Riley, Now 11, Is ‘Passionate’ About Volleyball

Steph Curry has made quite the name for himself as a long-running Golden State Warriors athlete, and it looks like his firstborn — Riley Curry — has built a passion for athletics herself!

Specifically, Steph says his 11-year-old is “super into volleyball right now,” and he loves to see Riley’s “level of focus” in the sport.

Steph Says “A Light Bulb Went Off” For Riley Earlier This Year: “She’s Loves To Work At It”

Steph shared his commentary during a newly-published interview with PEOPLE. The 35-year-old started by declaring that he introduced his children to “pretty much every sport, for the most part.”

Thanks to this exposure, Riley has gained a particular fondness for volleyball, and Steph says it appears as though “a light bulb went off” earlier this year.

“She’s super into volleyball right now, and a light bulb went off, actually this year, where she’s excited to go to practice and dribbling or passing the ball around the house and all that type of stuff.”

He summed it all up by declaring, “She’s found something she loves, and she’s passionate about it, and she loves to work at it.”

With Steph now being fully aware of Riley’s passion, he says it’s “cool” to see “a little bit of [him]self” when he watches her play.

“To see that light bulb go off and that level of focus, that you see a little bit of yourself in. And trying to encourage that as much as possible.”

Riley Curry Is Also Quite The Chef: “She Can Throw Down In The Kitchen”

Speaking of Riley Curry, we should add that she’s been front and center throughout her dad’s superstar career.

Many will recall seeing a young Riley sitting on Steph’s lap during NBA press, and it’s safe to say that the then-toddler usually wound up stealing the show!

In addition to her sports-related passions and presence, we should note that Riley’s also following in the footsteps of her mother, Ayesha Curry!

From proudly serving “chicken piccata with mashed potatoes and honey-roasted carrots” to masterfully making chicken and dumplings, Riley isn’t afraid to throw down in the kitchen.

Regarding Riley’s culinary talents, Ayesha Curry previously told PEOPLE, “It’s going to be really interesting to see what path she takes because she can throw down in the kitchen already.” IKTR!

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