Stephen 'tWitch' Boss' Wife Files For Control Of His Estate

UPDATE: Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss’ Wife Files For Control Of His Estate After He Died Without A Will

The wife of Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss, Allison Holker, is now asking a California court to grant her half of their joint estate. According to PEOPLE, the dancer, DJ, and executive producer died without a will.

Boss’ Widow, Allison Holker, Filed A California Spousal Property Petition On Monday

According to court documents obtained by the outlet, Holker filed a California Spousal Property Petition in the Superior Court of California in Los Angeles County on Monday. The petition is reportedly “standard procedure” in situations where a married partner passes without a will, in the state.

Though California law entitles the surviving spouse to half of their joint estate with their partner, the surviving spouse still needs to provide proof that they are indeed the spouse of the person no longer living.

Here Is What Holker Is Seeking In Her Petition

In the petition, Holker is asking for a “determination of property passing to the surviving spouse.” She is also asking for “confirmation of property belonging to the surviving spouse.”

According to PEOPLE, the petition includes property of Boss’. As well as “quasi-community property” that Holker would like to receive as Boss’ surviving spouse.

Claery & Hammond LLP provides a legal definition for “quasi-community property” in the state of California.

Quasi-community property refers to assets you and your spouse acquired during your marriage while living out of state that would have been considered “community property” if acquired in California.

The outlet also provided a quote from court documents.

This includes any interest in a trade or business name of any unincorporated business or an interest in any unincorporated business that the deceased partner was operating or managing at the time of death.

PEOPLE added that Holker is not “asking for administration over Stephen’s estate.” The court documents also explicitly express that Boss and Holker married on Dec. 10, 2013, when the dancer had a “nil” net worth. They add that Boss “did not receive any property through a gift, joint tenancy, life insurance or any other beneficiaries after their wedding date.” And state that he died “intestate, or without a will.”

The documents also detail that Boss lived in California for much of his marriage to Holker. However, Holker didn’t have any written agreements from her husband stating how their properties would be divided.

Finally, Holker is requesting “Stephen’s half of Stephen Boss Productions and Goldman Sachs investment account.” And royalties from “Cast and Crew Production Services; Disney Worldwide Services, Inc.; GEP Talent Services, LLC; and SAG/AFTRA.”

You can learn more about the situation by checking out the latest episode of TSR SoYouKnow down below.

Holker Has Paid Respect To Her Husband’s Memory Since His Passing

Holker has not publicly commented on the court filing. But has paid tremendous respect to her husband’s memory via social media. Holker most recently shared a video of her and her husband dancing on January 13 — an activity she calls their “love language.”

As The Shade Room previously reported, Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss has passed away at the age of 40 after an apparent suicide. Boss and Holker share two children, Maddox, 6, and Zaia, 3. While Boss also adopted Holker’s 14-year-old daughter, Elsie, from a previous relationship.

Our condolences and continued prayers are with the Holker Boss family.


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