Roommates, it’s an exciting moment for Stevie Wonder as he announces he has just found an kidney donor!

There have been rumors floating around suggesting Stevie may have been experiencing kidney failure due to a serious illness. Although he has not revealed what the issue is, he is taking steps to recovering!

During a concert in in England, Stevie explains that he’ll only be performing three more shows before going on a hiatus. He says his surgery is taking place this September!

Stevie says he has already found a donor, and assured the crowd that everything is just fine!

“I’m all good, I’m all good,” he says. “I just want to give you guys my love.”

Though fans seem shaken by the announcement, Stevie says his intention is not to frighten anyone. His only hope is to let his fans know about his condition before word got out in other ways.

The announcement comes as a shock to many, as Stevie’s condition has not been formally announced to the world! Reports from the Detroit Free Press, however, suggest he is battling a “serious but manageable health issue” and is taking steps to address it.

The sources even say Stevie has been traveling with a medial team lately.

A radio personality in Philadelphia also made a claim about Stevie’s health just one month ago. The rumor says Stevie is suffering from kidney failure and is on dialysis, but that had not yet been confirmed.

Nevertheless, we are happy Stevie is taking the appropriate steps to bettering his health! Keep Stevie in your prayers, as he prepares for this new journey, Roomies!