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Stevie Wonder: There’s A Ribbon In the Sky For ….Our Divorce!

Stevie sure knows how to write a love song, but  in his real love life, let’s just say there are some things a song just won’t  fix! 

According to TMZ, the legendary Stevie Wonder is officially a single man! Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Christine Byrd finalized the end to the 8 year marriage but that’s not the craziest part!

It looks like Stevie was so done with his relationship he couldn’t even spare the time to write his full name on his divorce papers instead when he was presented the paperwork, he simply left his thumb print on the dotted line ! 

Talk about … OUCH!

Welp it’s been a long time coming for him as he filed for divorce back in 2011, so we guess we understand where the haste comes in. 

But of course his now ex- wife, Kai Millard Morris, isn’t going away empty handed as the court has ordered Stevie to pay $25k  month in child support for their two sons! Looks like them fat checks will mend that broken heart perfectly!

We are just trying to figure out how two middle school kids run through that much money !?? Lord!!!

Of course there is a light at every tunnel for Stevie, he and Kai have agreed to joint custody which includes the kids being allowed to go on tour with their dad!

By the looks of it we don’t know who won out of this situation, what do you think? Let’s chat below!



TSR Intern:Kamille Jemison @KamilleJemison


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