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Summer Walker Claps Back At Those Questioning Her Hygiene

Summer Walker put everybody in their feelings with the release of her album, ‘Over It’. Now, folks seem to be in their bag about her hygiene.

If you follow Summer on social media, she is not shy about sharing some of the quirky things about her life, her relationship, and her music, but that doesn’t stop people from having commentary.

Summer recently posted a photo of what she calls a “washing bowl”, which shows a silver bowl full of some of her favorite cleaners and moisturizers to use in place of taking a full on shower.

“My washing bowl lol. I get to wash in my bowl, I hate shower,” she captioned the photo.

People quickly jumped in her comment section with questions, comments, and concerns about Summer’s hate for showers. Many people obviously assumed she does not like to be “clean”, so Summer clapped back!

Summer took to her Instagram story saying: “Stay out my comments with that dummy sh*t. I t are showers, I don’t like them because I like baths in very nice jacuzzi or garden tubs. If I don’t have time or whatever I’ll take a h*e bath in the sink (something that every female has taken in their lives), yes I use soap.”

Although Summer owe’s nobody an explanation for how she prefers to bathe, she continues saying: “F**k I hate people ,am who tf really walking around NEVER washing themselves. Lmao people really just mad miserable.”

This is not the first time fans have made comments about Summer’s shower habits, however. Just a few weeks ago, Summer uploaded a video to her Instagram account where she licked a wash rag and used it to remove make up that was covering her tattoos.

Apparently, Summer had just done a photoshoot and the makeup artist covered up her tats. Instead of hitting the shower, Summer used a quick and easy method to become herself again.

As for now, Summer will continue living her life with her mans London on Da Track, despite what the haters have to say!

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