Summer Walker Reacts To Video Of Her Daughter, 2, Hitting Her

Summer Walker Explains Why Her Daughter Bubbles Hit Her In 2nd Birthday Party Video

Summer Walker stepped into The Shade Room on Wednesday (March 23) to give context on a circulating video of her daughter Bubbles.

The Grammy-nominated artist recently celebrated Bubbles’ 2nd birthday with a Cocomelon-themed party. While the party guests sang happy birthday, Bubbles appeared to have a startled reaction that included hitting Summer in the face and pulling her hair.

“SHE DON’T LIKE LOUD NOISES, she ain’t hit me till 50 people started singing happy birthday & the last video she hit me we was singing loud af as well lol y’all can stfu on my baby birthday,” Summer commented.

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Days before Bubbles’ second birthday party, Summer Walker also shared a video of Bubbles hitting her. At the time, she wrote, “this child stay beating my a** she wrong af” on the video.

Social Media Reacts To Bubbles Hitting Summer Walker In Birthday Footage

Her clarification followed thousands of comments on The Shade Room and via Twitter about Bubbles’ behavior.

On TSR’s initial Instagram post about the party:

@aaliyvhhhh_ wrote: “My son does this, but he has Autism, she said her daughter started doing this once it got too loud. I don’t want to assume, but maybe she should get her evaluated.”

@reallizzybossbaby wrote: “This is what y’all call soft parenting, and then wonder why these kids grow up with little to no respect for adults and authority. This is the age in which you train and correct this type of behavior.”

@1stepk wrote: “Loud noise & aggressive behavior in babies (toddlers) can be an early sign of Autism. I’m in no way a doctor or trying to speak this over her child’s life, but before we judge and give our meaningless opinions of what we shoulda, coulda, would’ve done to a baby—let’s give this mother some grace as she is doing HER job at being their mother.”

@ogkreese09 wrote: Bubbles giving black Air Force one and silver capped teeth energy smh I don’t like it all.”

@domerella wrote: “Yeah, that hitting ain’t ok. Kids need discipline. It’s gonna teach her she can do that with all adults.”

Meanwhile, on Twitter, the reactions also spanned from jokes to parenting concerns.

Summer started the year by adding two little ones to her household—the 26-year-old welcomed twins with former boyfriend, Lvrd Pharoh, also known as Larry.

She shares two-year-old Bubbles with producer London On Da Track–whom she’s had a tumultuous romance and co-parenting relationship with online.


Hours before explaining Bubbles’ reaction, Summer shared party footage on her Instagram Story. The party featured pink and white balloons, ball pits, tunnels, an outdoor bounce house, and an inflatable slide. In addition, there was balloon-making, facing painting, and a life-sized Cocomelon character high-fiving the young guests. Summer even shared a video of her enjoying cotton candy and Bubbles playing in bubbles.


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