Supa Cent Claps Back At Her Ex-Fiancé After He Calls Her Out On Social Media

Supa Cent Claps Back At Her Ex-Fiancé After He Calls Her Out On Social Media

Whew! Supa Cent was definitely in her bag Tuesday night as she responded to her ex, and the father of her daughter, after he called her out on social media.

Things all started when Lou (which is short for Louis) made a post to his Instagram story and said, “For years I’ve let you make others think I was cheating on you, I never said anything about it. I hate it’s coming to this, but you doing h*e sh*t out of spite cause you still mad at me luv. There’s one thing I will die behind or do life behind…that’s my daughter and you know that.”

He proceeded to let her know that he doesn’t care what she does in her personal life, just have respect for herself and their daughter. Lou continued to say that if Supa didn’t have time for their child, he could take her, and then mentioned taking her to court.

“Just give me my child luv, ain’t like you have time for her. I don’t wanna take you to court behind my, but you leaving me no choice,” he said.

It didn’t take too long for Supa to respond to him in the format of a video. In the video, she asked him exactly how would he achieve any of the things that he mentioned in his Instagram story.

However, Supa wasn’t done just yet. She continued to go live from her Instagram account where she revealed that he alleged to her that Alexis Skyy was in his messages with the eye emoji’s (👀). She also detailed other issues they were having, including him having an issue with her allowing the father of her son to use her car while his car was in the shop. She claims that Lou questioned why she wouldn’t let him use one of her cars.

But things didn’t stop there, before the live ended, Supa told him not to tell her what to do with their child during her time. “Don’t tell me who I can’t have my child around. B*tch my child shouldn’t be around you, you pedophile a** b*tch,” said Supa.

Alexis Skyy quickly joined in on the conversation to make it clear that she does not know Lou and that she never messaged him.

Shortly after, Supa issued an apology to Alexis for having her name wrapped up in the drama. She said, “I didn’t mean to bring any negative attention to Alexis. She’s in a relationship and me bringing that up is disrespectful to her relationship, and I apologize for that.”

In her caption, she continued to state, “I only mentioned it to show how he was just saying anything to get a reaction out of me.”

As we previously reported, recently Supa showed off her new boyfriend on social media, and Lou wasn’t too far behind as he showed off his girlfriend. Supa and Lou split back in July after he was accused of messing with an underage a girl, to which he denied.



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