Swizz Beatz’s Baby Mama Is Not Happy With Alicia Keys As A Stepmother To Her Daughter, Swizz Beatz Responds

Swizz Beatz’s Baby Mama Is Not Happy With Alicia Keys As A Stepmother To Her Daughter, Swizz Beatz Responds

Seems like things aren’t harmonious right now in Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys’ family.

While it seems Swizz and the mother of his children often co-parent successfully, the mother of his daughter Nicole is speaking out on their situation and is targeting Alicia Keys as a stepmother.

In a lengthy Instagram rant, Jahna Sebastian made several claims about Alicia’s relationship with her daughter. She has since deleted the post, but you can read it below:

Jahna captioned the post, “I am speaking up now. There are women in the same position. Women in general have been constantly told throughout history to not say anything, when there have been issues. This is the time for the truth.”

To summarize her main issues, Jahna expressed that she did not like that Alicia Keys allegedly bought her daughter a phone and controlled it for her without Jahna’s permission. She also said that she didn’t like her daughter calling Alicia “mom”

Well, Swizz Beatz caught wind of Jahna’s rant and called her out for not communicating these issues to him and his wife privately. He added that they had recently spoken with Jahna and there were no complaints from her end.

Swizz commented under her post to set the record straight:

“1st of all Nicole does not have her own phone! 2nd, that’s my phone I don’t use so she can call you instead of you calling my phone looking for her! 3rd, nobody forced Nicole to call them anything she chose to call her UMI! I will not let an of my kids do things the don’t want to – period! 4h, we just spoke on the phone and you had none of this to say, you was all sweet and kind!! You know my number, if you don’t have a problem, call me!! Knock it off!!!”

They had a little back and forth before Jahna ultimately deleted the post. We hope these parents can work it out and get back to co-parenting peacefully.



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