T.I. Calls Drew Taggart Moment "A Minor Kerfuffle," Invites Duo To Podcast

T.I. Calls Drew Taggart Interaction “Minor Kerfuffle,” Shows Love To Chainsmokers But Says He Didn’t Want Any “Sugar”

Drew Taggart wasn’t just telling stories when he confessed to a minor tussle with T.I. Less than a day after Drew shared the story on Tik Tok, T.I. responded to the claims. First, he took to Instagram Live to speak on what went down. Though he confirmed the interaction with Drew, he didn’t admit to punching him. Instead, T.I. said they had “a minor kerfuffle.” Still, he seemed to be tickled about the whole ordeal.

“I’m literally just getting out of bed and had the s**t sent to me. Aye man, y’all need me in the news cycle. I’m convinced man, like every three weeks man, it’s something else,” T.I. said in between laughs. “First of all, I love The Chainsmokers, so let’s just get that straight. I have nothing negative to say…we just had to work through some stuff and we worked through it. We got to a much better place. I have nothing but good things to say about them. Good guys.”

As previously reported, The Chainsmokers member shared a one-minute clip explaining that T.I. punched him in the face. The interaction took place in a club scene. Drew says he was “feeling the vibes way too hard” when he leaned in and kissed T.I. on the cheek.

The Atlanta artist responded by pushing Drew off and landing a face punch. Drew explained that after he apologized, things were all good. However, he called the moment the “weirdest interaction ever” while also saying T.I. was “fully in the right” for the reaction.

@thechainsmokersMy bad T.I. won’t happen again… unless?♬ original sound – The Chainsmokers

T.I. Expresses Love For The Chainsmokers But Says He Wasn’t Interested In “Sugar”

Though T.I. lasted about 17 minutes on Instagram Live, he spent only a tiny part of it addressing the interaction. He reiterated his love for The Chainsmokers and their music multiple times. However, he made it clear that things between him and Drew ended on a good note.

“I think the most important thing to take away is afterward. We had a drink, we took a shot. And we moved on, everybody left the party, had a good time.”

“Like I said, love The Chainsmokers…not to get no sugar though. Not no, mhm mhm, no buddy, no. Can’t play like that, but love the music and still a fan.”

T.I. also explained that he’d love to have The Chainsmokers on his podcast expediTIously with Tip T.I. Harris.

“I would love to have you guys on expediTIously if you can find the time for us to sit down and chop it up. I’d love to kick it with you if y’all got some time on your hands, let’s catch a vibe.”


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T.I. Says Interaction With Drew Wasn’t A Punch But “A Minor Kerfuffle”

As the live video was coming to a close, T.I. circled back to the “punch” aspect of Drew’s storytime. He asked folks to stop saying he “punched someone.”

“And the way y’all keep saying I punched someone, that’s not…y’all stop, y’all stop that. We had a minor kerfuffle,” T.I. said. “It was nothing. It’s just like a motherfu***r like stepped over a line, you like aye man you stepped over that line, back back. And he step back over the line the proper way and everybody continue on with the evening. That was it. It wasn’t nothing major. It wasn’t malicious.”


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