#Roommates, #TPain is having some trouble collecting his coins! According to @Blast, T-Pain is not suing the people who failed to pay him but instead he’s suing his own booking agents for not collecting his concert fees to begin with.

In court documents T-Pain is suing #UnitedTalentAgency citing they failed to collect nearly $35K! It seems T-Pain was set to perform at the Fashion Meets Music Festival and was set to collect $12.5K up front, another $12.5K after the performance and $25K the month of the concert.

T-Pain is claiming he only received $15K. When the festival wrote a check for the rest of the money, it bounced and he had no idea! He claims he thought he was paid in full before hitting the stage. When he found out he wasn’t and tried to get the rest of the payment himself, he then learned the festival owners are headed for bankruptcy and won’t be able to foot the bill!

He’s suing his booking agents for dropping the ball and failing to follow up on his bag!

Source: https://theblast.com/t-pain-lawsuit-uta/

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