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Tahj Mowry Confirms A ‘Smart Guy’ Reboot Is In The Works

Today’s kids may never know the kid genius we knew and loved back in the day, but it looks like they’ll be getting the chance to watch him all grown up! TJ Henderson was the smartest kid we knew–standing 4ft tall with a 1,000 IQ, and Tahj Mowry has just confirmed a reboot about his life is currently in the works.

While speaking with KTLA, Tahj revealed that Smart Guy will be returning to screens sooner than later, and will follow the life of TJ Henderson as an adult of drinking age. Tahj kept details of TJ’s life scarce, but urges people to binge the original series in preparation for the new release.

“We are working really hard on it, fans just have to be patient on it. Good things take time,” he said. “We do have a possible home for it and we have a writer for it so I’ve been working hard all quarantine on these Zoom meetings and talking to the big wigs so we’re gonna get it done.”

Tahj spoke with Entertainment Tonight to confirm that the entire original cast will be involved in the reboot, including John Marshall Jones, Jason Weaver, Essence Atkins and Omar Gooding.

“You will see the whole cast,” he said. “But we’re not at that stage yet where we’re checking everyone’s schedule. We’re still in the pre-phases. So that will come. But if all goes according to plan, everyone will be in it..

As for the plot of the show, Tahj said TJ will be an adult version of his original character saying, “You will find TJ just as he was in the original, a fish out of water. He was sort of exploring a new world for himself. You’ll find him in that same situation, but somewhere else. So I’ll just say that.”

No word on when ‘Smart Guy’ will be available for streaming, but we’ll keep y’all updated!

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