Takeoff's Brother Shares Grief & Addresses Clout Chasers

Takeoff’s Brother Shares His Grief & Addresses Clout Chasers: ‘This Man Didn’t Even Know Half Of Y’all’

YRN Lingo, the brother of late Migos rapper Takeoff, has taken to Instagram to share his grief. And address those who alleged to have a close relationship with his brother. But are “nowhere to be found” following his death.

YRN Lingo Addressed Clout Chasers Via His Instagram

YRN Lingo took to his Instagram Story on Sunday. And shared a series of statements addressing clout chasers who alleged to be close with his brother Takeoff. But seemed to have dissappeared since his death on November 1, 2022.

Getting sick of y’all n****s thinking y’all can say whatever to me… When this man was alive they all was on d**k now since he gone they no where to be found sucks duck a** n****s… All that fake crying s**t n****s be so flaw and lame it don’t even make any sense… I don’t have any brothers only brother I have is gone… And if you feel like I’m talking bout you the shoe fit mf… Nobody has to worry about what’s going on over here we straight!! And stop claiming y’all fw my brother! This man didn’t even know half of y’all…

YRN Lingo added “LLT,” an acronym that stands for “Long Live Takeoff,” the end of the post.

YRN Lingo Shared His Struggle Coming To Terms With Takeoff’s Passing

Takeoff’s brother also shared how difficult its been to cope with his grief.

Damn take brother I’m crying rn… I talk out loud cause I’m thinking you still here but when I turn around and not see you I feel lost and sick to my stomach… I never lost a close one like this before. A person I woke up to, spoke to everyday! This s**t ain’t fair

YRN Lingo May Release A Tribute Song To His Late Brother

In a final post on his Instagram Story, YRN Lingo shared his plans to release a tribute song to his late brother.

F**k that other song… I’m releasing this

The post included the single’s cover art. And YRN shared another message for his brother.

I miss you brother, I swear I do and I’m sorry… I’m so sorry

Our continued prayers and condolences are with all those affected by Takeoff’s passing.


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