Tamar Braxton Addresses Breakup With Jeremy Robinson

Tamar Braxton Addresses Her Breakup With Jeremy Robinson: ‘I’m Hurt, But Such Is Life’

Tamar Braxton is opening up about her breakup with Jeremy Robinson. As The Shade Room previously reported, Robinson publicly revealed their split on Monday.

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Tamar Braxton Addresses Her & Jeremy Robinson’s Split

The reality star and artist took to social media to share a video with fans Monday. During the clip, she explained that she’s been “doing a lot to work on” her mental health.

“I’ve been doing a lot to work on my mental health and change who I used to be into who I am now,” Braxton explained. “And I can’t help if people fall into that perception, because it’s easy…”

Braxton continued by explaining that she “won’t let anybody hold” her “captive” to her “past” and “things” she’s “overcome.” From there, she seemed to address her and Robinson’s split, explaining that she’s “hurt” and surprised.”

“But I won’t let anybody hold me captive to my past and things I’ve overcome,” she continued. “Today, I am mentally healthy and I’m happy. I’m hurt, but such is life. I’m surprised, but okay…”

The reality star concluded the video by explaining that she “just wants everyone to know that the Devil is a dirty liar.” Additionally, Braxton explained that she won’t be “addressing” any accounts from any other parties. Instead, she plans to focus on her upcoming “Love and War 10 Year Anniversary Tour.”

Jeremy Robinson Recently Revealed The News To Interested Fans

As The Shade Room previously reported, Robinson revealed his split from Braxton early Monday morning. At the time, he took to his Instagram Story to share that there have been many “questions and assumptions” about the status of their relationship. However, he and Braxton “are no longer together.”

Robinson explained that he ended the relationship with Braxton. Then added that he is striving to get back to “positive energy and being a better person.”

“So many questions. So many assumptions. I want to answer all that I can with respect,” Robinson wrote. “Yes. Tamar and I are no longer together. I ended the relationship to focus on getting back to positive energy & being a better person.”

As the post continued, Robinson explained that “what happened and why” is his and Braxton’s “private place.” However, he directly clarified that he did not “cheat” on Braxton nor has he “cared about fame.”

“What happened and why — that’s our private place. No. I never cheated. No. I wasn’t there when her car was burglarized… No. I never cared about fame,” Robinson wrote. “…I have always represented famous people and the truth is I was in an amazing place financially and mentally.”

Robinson shared that he allegedly turned down ‘Queens Court’ “several times” before joining the cast. Then, he concluded by explaining that he and his ex-fiancée will remain “friends and family for life.”

“Ultimately, I fell in love and it did not end how I wanted it.. So. I want to heal,” Robinson continued. “Tamar and I will always be friends and family for life. Thank you for respecting our privacy.”


A Brief Look Back on The Former Couple’s Romance

As The Shade Room previously reported, Tamar Braxton and Jeremy Robinson were initially spotted together celebrating Robinson’s 46th birthday last August.

At the time, Robinson explained in a now-deleted Instagram post that he was “happily in love.” Then, months later in March, the couple revealed their engagement with the world.

Braxton and Robinson shared the news exclusively with Entertainment Tonight, explaining that Robinson proposed to Braxton during the final episode of ‘Queens Court.’

At the time, Braxton called the reality experience “one” of her “most proudest moments.”

Amid revealing the news with the world, Braxton also showed her love for Robinson on her 46th birthday.

At this time, it remains unclear how long Braxton and Robinson were engaged.


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