Tamar Braxton Makes It Known She’s Fed Up With The Coronavirus Quarantine—“I Want My Life Back”

Tamar Braxton Makes It Known She’s Fed Up With The Coronavirus Quarantine—“I Want My Life Back”

Although she just celebrated her 43rd birthday earlier this week, that’s still not reason enough for Tamar Braxton to be down with this quarantined coronavirus life. She recently took to social media to vent her frustrations at being on lockdown—and she is all the way fed up.

It’s been a difficult adjustment for many of us to get used to being in self-quarantine and not going outside and interacting with others, due to the current coronavirus outbreak that has spread worldwide. While many were cool with things during the first few days—apparently the newness has officially worn off…just ask Tamar Braxton.

Tamar decided to hit up Twitter to let her fans know how she’s dealing with things right now, writing:

“Hello,my name is Tamar Braxton & I officially OVER IT!! This cooking, cleaning, going to the grocery store EVERYDAY is not what I want to do with my time. It was cute at first but it has totally played itself out. Coronavirus please hurry & clear TF up. I want my life back. Thnx”

She may not be feeling things at the moment, but she has big things to look forward to, specifically her new reality show “Get Ya Life,” which is set to premiere next month on WE TV.

During a fan Q&A about the new show, Tamar described it this way:

“So, it’s a show that originally was supposed to be about my life and me putting together a possible record. And how my life is now without Vince in the picture, me dating David, me being a single mom and also running my businesses all myself, without an agent, without a manager but also elevating. And that’s the reason I don’t have an agent or a manager because sometimes you outgrow situations. Sometimes the people around you keep you stifled and down. So, this show is about me breaking out and being everything that I am. And once again—I’m not going to say too much—but hopefully, that’s y’all get to see. Praise God? I’ma leave that there for now.”

We’ll definitely be watching!


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