With what would have been Tamir Rice’s sweet 16 approaching, news breaks that his mother, Samaria Rice plans to establish a cultural center for the youth in Cleveland, Ohio.


Tamir was killed at a playground by Cleveland police when he was just 12-years-old. The new cultural center which will be called The Tamir Rice Afrocentric Cultural Center is set to serve as a refuge space for other black children in the community. She is creating a space that includes activities rooted in music, visual arts, drama, and other civic-related lessons.


“Nobody is talking about Tamir anymore in Cleveland,” Samaria tells The Root. “And that’s sad.”


We hear that Samaria has already purchased the building for the new center back in March for $162,680. She is hoping to raise an additional $21,000 to help renovate the space to stay on track for a 2019 opening date. If you remember, Cleveland paid the family a $6 million settlement–a portion of that money was used to fund the project.


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Source: The Root, https://www.theroot.com/samaria-rice-to-open-tamir-rice-cultural-center-for-cle-1826177821



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