Tank And Yung Bleu Exchange Words On Social Media Over 'King Of R&B' Post

Tank And Yung Bleu Exchange Words On Social Media Over ‘King Of R&B’ Post

Whew! Old school and new school R&B had some words on Wednesday night. Tank and Yung Bleu shared Instagram posts targeting each other on Instagram after Tank commented on a repost naming Bleu as R&B’s new king.

Tank Seemingly Throws Shade In Our Room

“Yung Bleu might b the new King of R&B this brotha make bangers only,” Twitter user @SourpowerDre wrote.

Yung Bleu retweeted the kind words and The Shade Room re-posted the comment to our official Instagram account. Shortly after, Tank shared his thoughts about the compliment in TSR’s comment section.

“I’m glad I’m from a different generation cause y’all wild,” Tank wrote along with three laughing emojis.


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Yung Bleu Reacts To Tank’s Jokey Joke 

Despite Tank’s emojis, Bleu seemed to take his comment sideways. The artist blasted Tank– even sharing a text thread screenshot.

“Another episode of bitter old ni***s. Tank u still waiting on that verse that’s why u mad,” Yung Bleu. “U supposed to be a OG! U commenting on shade room acting like a female.”

In the screenshot, there are four incoming texts from Tank and no messages from Bleu. The first text appears to be an audio file shared with some fire emojis. Tank’s second text on January 12 inquired about Bleu receiving the audio file. His third text came in a few days later saying, “just checking in bro, You fkn wit it?” Tank’s last message is shown in partial view.

“My guy it’s all good if you don’t wanna do the record. Me sending you the record was in response to you saying let’s get something done,” Tank wrote on January 20. “In any event it’s always good to communicate the good or bad…”

In the caption of the post, Bleu also clarified that he has no interest in being king.

“Dnt worry I’m not interested in being labeled as no king of R&B I’m about to be a real Super Star soon! I don’t say sh*t to y’all dude I be in my own world,” Bleu said. “I already felt you weird energy that’s why Ian record to that wack a*s song.”


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Tank Says There’s No Beef 

Soon after, Tank responded to Bleu’s comments with a short video. He started by clarifying that he doesn’t have beef with anyone, “especially Yung Bleu.” The artist also mentioned that he’s “proud” of Bleu. Tank said the cut-off text in the screenshot was him encouraging Bleu to communicate how he feels.

“If we supposed to get down and do something, we put our word on something that we gon get it done, then do that,” Tank said. “And if you don’t want to do it, that’s fine too. There’s no love loss in that.”

Tank ended his video by addressing how the new generations use the titles king and queen in music.

“And this generation throws the king and queen around like you don’t have to earn that,” Tank said. “You how many years and how much success it takes to earn the title of king or queen. You know how long Mary J. Blige worked? You know how long R. Kelly worked? Do you understand how long Usher worked to get those titles? Chris Brown? You know what, I’m done.”


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Yung Bleu Compares Stats 

Following Tank’s video, Yung Bleu decided to dig up some receipts. He posted and deleted an article highlighting Tank scoring his first platinum record in 2018. In the caption, Bleu said he’s earned seven plaques in two years, while Tank’s one platinum took twenty years.

“…I never did anything but gave u your flowers just answer me one thing,” Bleu wrote. “Seeing that I have more plaques than you and sold more records. What make you more legendary than me? Time right? Give it time!”

Bleu also commented on his pen game saying he can make records as valuable as artists with the voice.

“Ima real talent! I can be legendary within my own generation just like you were,” Bleu said. “All these songs I wrote 100% . NO help “except baddest!” All I’m saying! But it’s no beef bro I wish you nun but blessings u a legend but that dnt mean ima stop tryna be one also.”


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