Tank Is Mad That TGT Didn't Win A Bet Award - Is He Shading Young Money Though?

Tank Is Mad That TGT Didn’t Win A Bet Award – Is He Shading Young Money Though?


Tank expressed how he felt after the BET Awards 2014. If you can recall, Young Money won the “Best Group Award” last night. Well, Tank had a few words for BET and said that they gave a “group” an Award that wasn’t really a group. Well, he clearly was directing that towards Young Money. We agree, Young Money isn’t an actual group, but rather a group of individual artists. However, do you think that Tank’s group TGT (Tank, Ginuwine, and Tyrese) deserved the award last night?

Look, this ain’t no shade but we still haven’t heard any of their songs…and we are in the Entertainment business so that means something right? I’m not saying they aren’t good but Young Money definitely trumps them in success. Sorry.

If you are ranting about winning an award…you are bitter. Let your fans acknowledge your hard work! That’s really all that manners anyway, right? He claims he only cares about the fans, well then why rant on Twitter?

See the tweets from Tank below:




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