Tank Shares The Back Story To TGT's Viral Televised Performance From 2013

Tank Shares The Back Story To TGT’s Viral Televised Performance From 2013

With many people stuck inside of their homes, they have been turning to social media for entertainment as time goes by. Many celebrities have also been inside and on social media, and they’ve been using their platforms to entertain their fans as well.

Some celebs have been taking to social media to tell some never before heard stories as they show their fans another side of them.

Recently Tank took to social media to share a story from his TGT days with Tyrese and Ginuwine. Back in 2013, the group released their album “Three Kings.” During that time, they performed on WLNY’s “The Couch,” and let’s just say the performance was a viral moment.

In good fun, Tank looked back on the moment to tell fans what happened leading up to that performance, and why certain parts of that performance will always be memorable.

He said when it was time to promote the project, Tyrese had the idea to perform on the morning show “The Couch,” and pitched that they should sing their song “I Need.” Tank said at that moment, they didn’t know the song all too well because they hadn’t sung the song since they recorded it in the studio.

However, once the group vote was over, it was settled they were going to sing that particular song.

Tank and Tyrese had taken a red-eye flight to New York, while Ginuwine had driven up to New York. The following morning, Ginuwine expressed how tired he was because he didn’t get any sleep traveling to New York the night before. Tyrese gave Ginuwine a 5-hour energy boost shot and they went out to perform the song on live television.

Between not being too familiar with the song at the moment, and Ginuwine functioning off the energy shot, TGT ended up having a very memorable performance.


Check out Tank telling the story below:


Check out the full performance below:


TSR STAFF: Jade Ashley @Jade_Ashley94


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