Okay #Roommates, so get into this tea! Yesterday Tekashi69 made it abundantly clear that he was in Chicago. He caused a few hoods to be angry after dissing a few local rappers and even caused a manhunt through the streets. Well, today the New York rapper is back in his hometown and hanging out with Chief Keef’s baby mama.
6ix9ine posted a video of himself hanging out Slim Danger and taking her on a $75,000 shopping spree at the Gucci store for her birthday.
“If you don’t know how to take care of your girl, n***as gonna take care of her for you,” 6ix9ine said in a clip.
Then Slim Danger posed a video rocking his chain and cuddled up with him on her Instagram story.
During his visit to Chi Town yesterday, Tekashi69 spent some of this time giving money to the homeless. He claimed the local rappers aren’t doing enough for their communities. He also took a picture of him standing on “the most dangerous block in Chicago” known as O Block, which was once home to Michelle Obama.
Chicago rapper Lil Reese wasn’t really feeling the digs made at him and Chief Keef and posted videos of him and his crew looking for 6ix9ine, who he claimed had been in the protection of police while was in Chicago.