Terrell Owens Faces Home Foreclosure!

Terrell Owens Faces Home Foreclosure!

Terrell Owens owes over $905K on his California home; which is facing foreclosure.
He apparently is in default on the home he and his estranged wife, Rachel Snider bought back in January of 2014. His residency there was short lived, like their marriage. They split up not too long after the purchase and just days after the wedding.
Although the threat of the bank taking the house is there, he doesn’t plan on going out without a fight. He’s going to try and sell it.
Centric TV says Terrell and Rachel put the home on the market back in June. The marketed price was slightly higher than their $2.2 million purchase. So far, they’ve had no takers.

The bank gave Him 90 days to make a sale or they’re snatching it back!
Source: CentricTV, http://www.centrictv.com/entertainment/celebrity-news/articles/2015/08/06/terrell-owens-faces-foreclosure-on-california-home.html
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