Terrence Howard Reveals Pay For 'Hustle & Flow' & 'Crash' Roles

Terrence Howard Reveals How Much He Was Paid For ‘Hustle & Flow’ And ‘Crash’

Terrence Howard has been gracing our screens with his acting skills since the 90s. But despite his commercial success, some of those early roles didn’t pad his pockets the way fans would expect!

In a Tuesday interview, he opened up about how much money he made from the films ‘Hustle & Flow’ (2005) and ‘Crash’ (2005). Howard told WREG’s Alex Coleman his role as Djay in ‘Hustle & Flow’ paid $12,000 — despite making $23.5 million worldwide.

Terrance said that the performance royalties from the musical drama went to the production company.

“I made $12,000 for doing “Hustle & Flow,” Terrence Howard said. “What Paramount did, instead of putting my name as Terrence Howard performing the songs, they put ‘performed by Djay.’ Well, they owned Djay.”

Now, the actor says he has to “sue Paramount or send them a letter” regarding his nearly 20 years of “residuals and performance royalties.”

Paramount has not publicity responded to his reveal. However, it’s not the actor’s first time highlighting his experience filming ‘Hustle & Flow’ and becoming famous.

“It’s about finding a balance,” Terrence Howard told the Orange County Examiner in 2007. “I want the bigger paychecks and the greater responsibilities. When you are the star of the movie and make more money, you are expected to bring in more money for the people who paid you. I am ready for that responsibility.”

Meanwhile, for the movie ‘Crash,’ Terrence revealed he only pocketed $6,000.

“The business doesn’t pay the actors anything. That’s why the strike is going on, the actors are struggling,” Howard said.

For context, the SAG-AFTRA strike reportedly ended on Nov. 9, per Variety.

See his full comments below.

Howard is one of a few actors who have spoken out about receiving backpay on a previously successful project. In September, Mo’Nique publicly called on CBS to up some extra coins for her and Countess Vaughn’s time on ‘The Parkers.’ The series ran from 1999-2004 with five seasons and over 100 episodes on the network.

Countess supported Mo’Nique’s message in an Instagram video.

See what she said below.

Her social-based message came months after the comedian sued CBS and Paramount for unpaid royalties in April.

It looks like Terrence Howard might be next on the court docket! However, it’s unclear if that process has begun or if it’s action Terrence Howard plans to take in the near future.

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