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Terry Crews Says He’s Discounted By Some Members Of The Black Community For Having A Mixed-Race Wife

Terry Crews has been on the defense lately since making controversial tweets about the Black Lives Matter movement.

Terry Crews spoke with the ladies of CBS’ “The Talk” specifically about his eyebrow-raising “black supremacy” tweet and essentially doubled down on what he said.

“What I said was, defeating white supremacy without white people could create Black supremacy,” Terry said, adding that “in Black America, we have gatekeepers.”

He said it’s those gatekeepers who decide who is Black and who’s not. Terry elaborated saying he’s been discounted by some of those “militant” type of movements because he has a mixed-race wife.

“I’ve been called all types of things like an Uncle Tom simply because I’m successful, simply because I worked my way out of Flint, Michigan,” Terry Crews said. “The problem with that is is that black people have different views. It’s funny because when you’re white, you can be Republican, Libertarian, Democrat, but if you’re black, you have to be one thing.”

Terry then took aim at presidential candidate and former vice president Joe Biden for his own controversial statements about Black people.

“Even Joe Biden said, ‘hey man, if you don’t vote for me, you ain’t even Black.’” Terry said, imitating Biden.

You can watch the clip below:

Terry further explained black supremacy as a black person putting themselves above other Black people.

In response to people telling him black supremacy didn’t exist, Terry Crews used the genocide that took place in Rwanda in the 90s as an example of “black supremacy.”

“Anytime anybody says, ‘oh that could never happen here,’ that’s exactly when it starts to happen,” Terry said.

He said he didn’t regret using the term “black supremacy” because he wanted the dialogue to come out.

“I experienced whole organizations that have viewed themselves because of the suffering of black people, they have decided now, we are not equal, we are better,” Terry said. “And I think that’s a mistake.”

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