”Waiting To Exhale” The Novel Is Turning Into A TV Show

Terry McMillan, The Author Of ”Waiting To Exhale” Announces The Novel Is Turning Into A TV Show

It has been so many talks about classic shows and movies creating sequels and reboots this year. From the classic film” Set It Off” to one of our favorite tv shows,” Martin,” Roommates you can expect to get your whole life because ”Waiting To Exhale” is coming back in a major way.

The conversation of a sequel has spanned back to 2012, but today Terry McMillan, the author of the 1992 best-selling novel turned film, announced on Twitter that the film would be turned into a tv series. She tweeted, “So, WAITING TO EXHALE is going to be a TV series. It was produced by Lee Daniels. Attica Locke and Tembi Locke are writing. Anthony Hemingway will direct. I lucked out.”

Terry is pulling out some heavy hitters to make sure this show will be everything we need from the writer, director, and producer– who are all Black! I know y’all are familiar with Lee Daniels. He’s the filmmaker behind “Precious” and the television series “Empire.” Attica Locke is a novelist and screenwriter/producer for the series “When They See Us” and “Little Fires Everywhere.” Tembi Locke is an actress and will be co-writing on the series. Anthony Hemingway, an Emmy nominated director and producer who is behind the film “Red Tails.”

Waiting To Exhale released in 1995 and took home $82 million at the box office. The film, which starred the late Whitney Houston, Loretta Devine, Angela Bassett, and Lela Rochon, is still a force to reckoned with in urban culture. Fans of the film should be in for a treat given the amount of time they patiently waited.

In 2015 when Terry spoke with S2S Magazine about the sequel, she said, ”I don’t think that’s going to happen. I don’t. As for why it was ‘dead in the water,’ it’s been horrible since Whitney [Houston] passed away for a whole lot of reasons. FOX wanted to basically eliminate that character altogether from the story. How they thought that was going to work, I don’t know.”

No word on who the cast will be, but we will keep you updated on more details as they come, roomies!

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