Tessica Brown To Donate $20K Of Her GoFundMe Money To Reconstructive Surgery Organization

Tessica Brown To Donate $20K Of Her GoFundMe Money To Reconstructive Surgery Organization

TSR Positive Images: A lot has happened for Tessica Brown in the last two weeks, Roomies, and it looks like she’s ready to give back to charity! Following her Gorilla Glue incident, Tessica received a free removal procedure from Dr. Michael Obeng and there was even a GoFundMe page made to help her out.

The GoFundMe page has received more than $21K in donations, and Tessica’s manager has confirmed that she will be donating most of that money to the RESTORE Foundation, according to TMZ. The non-profit organization provides reconstructive surgery for people around the world.

According to her manager, Tessica wants to donate the money to ensure that people who need these types of reconstructive procedures can have access to them, even if they cannot afford them. Tessica was also inspired by Dr. Obeng, who founded RESTORE in 2008.

“RESTORE is an acronym that stands for Restoring Emotional Stability Through Outstanding Reconstructive Efforts,” the organization’s site reads. “It was founded in 2008 by boat certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael K. Obeng…who provides free reconstructive surgery and related medical services to children and adults with disfiguring deformities from birth, accidents and diseases involving not only the head and neck region, but also the extremities, trunk and breast.”

As we previously reported, not only did Dr. Obeng perform Tessica’s glue removal procedure for free, he actually created his own solvent in order to get the Gorilla Glue to dissolve out of her hair.

Tessica reportedly plans to keep the remaining $1,000 of her GoFundME money to pay for the visit to the emergency room she made before heading to Los Angeles for her procedure.

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