I love a grandma who don’t play and this #Texas grandmother just may be my new hero! Police in #TexasCity say #ArethaCardinal used her granddaughter’s scooter to defend herself against a pair of machete-wielding men who were wearing clown masks. The pair were trying to rob Cardinal and her husband, police said.

“You’re trying to rob us with a machete, it’s our life or your life and I’m not ready,” Cardinal told @abc13houston.

Police say she and her husband, Joseph Nelson, were in the driveway of their home last week when the masked men approached them and placed a machete to Nelson’s throat.

Authorities say that’s when Nelson wrestled away the machete from one man while Cardinal grabbed her granddaughter’s scooter from the driveway and used it to strike the other robber. And as the men tried to get away, Cardinal used the scooter to smash out a window in their getaway car!

“Any weapon is good for me if I can get you off of me and my husband that’s what I’mma do,” Cardinal said. “So I used the scooter. Broke it in half.”

Nelson also did his part by chasing the robbers down with the machete they tried to rob him with.

The couple was successful in stopping the pair of robbers from getting away and were able to hold them there until police arrived on scene.

Officers arrested the two men, identified as 32-year-old Luis Rene Jimenez and 35-year-old Jose Noel Lugo. The two of them were charged with aggravated robbery and are being held in the Galveston County jail with bail at $100,000 for each.

Let me just say Ms. Aretha is better than me because I don’t do clowns! The couple was clearly fearless and not about to let those two robbers come up off of them.

#Roommates, would you have done the same thing in that situation? Let us know!

TSR STAFF: Christina C! @cdelafresh