Texas Teen Told He Will Not Be Able To Walk At Graduation Unless He Cuts Locs--Superintendent Says He Won't Be Bullied To Change Policy

Texas Teen Told He Will Not Be Able To Walk At Graduation Unless He Cuts Locs–Superintendent Says He Won’t Be Bullied To Change Policy

Roommates, the way in which black people wear our hair has always been a topic of discussion in particular spaces, but it’s recently become an even bigger issue amongst our youth. Unfortunately, a Texas school district has decided to suspend a black student, and warns that he will not be able to walk at graduation if he does not cut his locs.

According to CBS News, the Barbers Hill ISD school board insists the issue has nothing to do with race, but parents and activists disagree. Deandre Arnold has fallen victim to the school board’s “dress code”, limiting the types of hairstyles allowed.

Activists have been working tirelessly to get the news out about Deandre’s suspension, making it clear the issue is black and white, and not simply about locs.

“This is a black and white issue,” Gary one of the United Urban Alumni Association said. “Deandre should not have to go through this. This family should not have to go through this. But I expect it from a board that has zero diversity.”

As of now, the school district has not budged on their decision, and it looks like they won’t any time soon. The Superintendent of the district released a statement, in which he says he will not be bullied to change the districts dress code policies.

“Berbers Hill Independent Schoo District is one of the fastest growing school districts in Texas and is a state leading district,” he says. “The same community demands high expectations in all things including dress code, and our board of trustees, which has included African American representations, takes their role as one of their chief priorities.”

The statement continues saying:

“We will continue to be a child-centered district that seeks to maximize the potential of EVERY child. Local control is sacred to this country, and we will NOT be bullied or intimidates by outside influences.”

Deandre’s family says they hope his hair does not have an impact on his future, and they will continue to fight the school district’s decision not only for Deandre, but every other student to come after him.


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