Teyana Taylor Says Iman Shumpert Has "Lady Friend" Around Kids

Whew! Teyana Taylor Reportedly Shares How Iman Shumpert Is Impacting Their Daughters With His New “Lady Friend”

Whew! Roommates, it seems like Teyana Taylor is not here for how Iman Shumpert‘s love life is impacting their daughters.

The ‘Gonna Love You’ singer’s lawyer is reportedly requesting that a child psychologist be allowed to testify in their divorce. Apparently, the child psychologist will weigh in on an alleged recent “sleepover” Iman allowed during his weekend with Junie and Rue, per TMZ.

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As previously reported, Teyana quietly filed for divorce from Iman in January 2023 using their initials. When her estranged hubby responded in court, he used their full names. This put their marriage, which she called “irretrievably broken,” in the public spotlight.

When she first confirmed their separation in September, she claimed they were still the “best of friends, great business partners, and… one hell of a team when it comes to co-parenting.” 

But the divorce petition accused Iman of exhibiting jealous, narcissistic traits, particularly about Teyana’s fame and career. Meanwhile, Iman has maintained that their split was only due to the broken bond and nothing else.

 Teyana Taylor Alleges She Heard Another Woman In Iman Shumpert’s Home

The new court paperwork says the incident with his lady friend happened a few weeks ago. At the time, Iman Shumpert allegedly welcomed a “female friend” and her daughter to stay with him and his daughters.

Besides learning the information from their kids, Teyana also reportedly saw the woman’s daughter while facetiming Junie and Rue. She also reportedly heard the woman’s voice. The unidentified woman and her child also spent time with Iman, Junie and Rue at SkyZone.

The filing alleges that Junie felt confused after witnessing Iman share a bed with the lady friend. Shumpert allegedly explained to the child that the woman was staying with him because her home was “broken.”

At this time, Iman allegedly only gets the girls on the first and third weekends of the month and a “handful of Fridays.”

This comes amid rumors of Teyana getting cozy with co-star Leonardo DiCaprio at a pre-Oscars party earlier this month.

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As previously reported, Teyana Taylor is seeking permanent primary physical custody, joint legal custody, and child support. Since the details of their divorce went public late last year, accusations in court filings have only escalated.

In January, Teyana reportedly filed documents accusing Iman Shumpert of negligent child care. She named previous instances of Iman allegedly failing to feed their daughters. Taylor has also said that Shumpert has previously been under the influence of alcohol and marijuana while caring for the girls.

The court documents allege Iman “consistently demonstrates a clear disregard for the safety of the minor children.” One incident reportedly happened in Chicago. Teyana says her estranged husband packed the girls in a rideshare and had them travel alone to United Center. Meanwhile, the former pro athlete allegedly used a private car service to get him to the same arena.

In late January, she addressed reports of Iman allegedly shutting off utilities in their family home.

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