Prayers up #Roommates. Chicago’s West Side community is fearful that the cases of four missing young women, one of whom is dead, might be linked.

Community leaders say the young women have been missing since March from the West Side’s North Lawndale and East Garfield Park neighborhoods. They’re demanding police take action and look further into these cases.

One of the victims, 15-year-old Sadaria Davis, was found dead in a vacant building last month, about two weeks after she went missing from her home less than a mile away, according to CBS Chicago. The other victims are 15-year-old Victoria Garrett, 18-year-old Anna Stanislawczyk, and 26-year-old Shantieya Smith.

Latonya Moore, Smith’s mother, says she last saw her daughter get into a car with a man in front of her home a little more than two weeks ago. She says the man threatened her and has since changed his phone number.

Moore claims she gave detectives the man’s name and last known addresses and she hasn’t heard from authorities since.

A reverend and a few other community activists went to the Ogden District police station last week to demand information about their cases.

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