The D.A. Wants Nick Gordon's Friend To Flip On Him!!

The D.A. Wants Nick Gordon’s Friend To Flip On Him!!

Since Bobbi Kristina’s death investigation is being treated as a homicide now, prosecutors want to charge Bobbi Kristina’s boyfriend, Nick Gordon, with manslaughter! 

They’re trying to get Nick’s friend, Max Lomas, to tell them everything he knows about the events leading up to Bobbi losing consciousness in her bathtub since he was the only other person around that day. 

In this case, it’s hard for police to charge Nick in with anything, because while he told the police that he and Bobbi did partake in recreational drug use the day she was found, nothing on her body indicated foul play! Also, toxicology reports have no way of telling a medical examiner where someone got their drugs from, only whether or not they were under the influence at some point. 

This leaves Lomas as a key witness to prosecutors! If they can get him to talk, then they will be able to move forward with charging Nick Gordon with manslaughter for Bobbi Kristina. 

Lomas is currently being prosecuted for two drug-related felonies that are not associated with Bobbi Kris, however, it gets interesting because prosecutors believe that Nick Gordon was with Lomas the morning he bought drugs for Bobbi and himself. The prosecution is also so certain that he might know something so essential to the case that they’re offering him probation for those felonies if he tells them what they want to hear! 

Roommates, do you think that Lomas will snitch on his friend, Nick Gordon? We all deserve to know the truth! Keep the Brown Family in your prayers during these hard times. 


TSR Intern: Talia O. @theclosetratchet on Instagram and @tallyohhh on Twitter!

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