The Guys Who Tried Safaree In Brooklyn Speak Out - "There Is More Footage Y'all Havent Seen Yet!" 

The Guys Who Tried Safaree In Brooklyn Speak Out – “There Is More Footage Y’all Havent Seen Yet!” 

We all saw the video of Safaree getting pressed by a group of men in Brooklyn after going to visit his God-daughter by himself in Flatbush. 

Well our friends over at VladTV managed to get H9 and The Frosty Boys (the men who were allegedly trying to intimidate Safaree on camera) to sit down for an interview. I mean anyone with eyes can tell that they look exactly like the men in the video. 

The men said that Safaree got pressed because they didn’t like how he moved to California and stopped visiting Flatbush. They felt that the only reason he came back is because “things were said and done” for him and he needed to come back to get a backbone. They feel like since he was absent from Brooklyn for so long, he needed a pass to come back to the hood. They also felt that he dissed them in his new song “computers” and they weren’t feelin it. 

They also admitted that there was more video footage that will be surfacing soon. Apparently it will be released on the “right” platform. Sounds like they are waiting to get some Mula. 

I think it’s safe to say that regardless of what kind of footage surfaces related to this incident, they will still take a L (loss). In 2015, people are no longer praising fight videos and bullying. Let’s be real, it’s played out and corny. 

The Internet favored Safaree in this situation because it’s not cool to play with your life just to be seen as someone who doesn’t back down. When a group of guys approach you and half of their faces are covered then the only thing you should do is walk away..or run away.

Safaree recently spoke out about the incident and said that it’s hard to visit your old hood once you get put on because things like this tend to happen. 

After the confrontation he went back to the same spot that he was videotaped at with a crew of his own goons to prove that ain’t nobody kicking him out of his hood #Flatbush 

Watch the full interview here Click To Watch Interview


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