The Hill Got 'Em! These Cops And Suspect Took A 'Break' During A Foot Chase (Video)

The Hill Got ‘Em! These Cops And Suspect Took A ‘Break’ During A Foot Chase (Video)

One thing about people on the internet, they always got jokes! Serious conversations can easily turn into a viral moment in the form of a GIF, meme—or in this case—a hilarious video. Earlier this week, a video that shows three cops and an alleged suspect taking a lil’ breather during a foot chase caused some funny frenzy on Twitter.

The 56-second-clip was posted to a Twitter account called Dallas Texas TV on Tuesday morning. In the clip, a faceless voice can be heard narrating the obvious. Three cops are seen running—or jogging depending on what running is to you—after what appears to be an alleged suspect. The uniformed officers follow the man dressed in a white tee and shorts up a barely-there hill. The hill leads up to a bridged highway, which the faceless voice predicts the alleged suspect will reach.

“He better stop,” the voice said. “He’s gonna run up on the highway and cause an accident.”

The suspect was initially running full speed, high-knees up the hill. Yet shortly after the comment above, the visuals in the video take a hilarious turn. The suspect slows down to a brisk walk. Unexpectedly and almost immediately, the cops abandon all running efforts. For over 25 seconds, the three police officers casually walk behind the suspect as he continues to inch towards the highway.

One officer is seen waving his arm at the suspect, but that does nothing to stop him. The same waving officer attempts a little jog once the suspect reaches the highway wall. But, by then, it’s a little too late. The suspect throws his leg over the wall and jogs onto the highway and out of video sight.

Even then, the seemingly exhausted officers make little effort to resume the chase. Three police cars suddenly whip into the frame during the last few seconds of the video.

The Shade Room can’t confirm why the alleged suspect was being chased or if he was caught. However, we can confirm that the hill did catch all of ’em.

Check out the video and some of the best reactions below:


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