The underground dirt-bike community in Philadelphia has gained major popularity throughout the past few years. With rappers such as Meek Mill shedding light on the community, people began to question, “who rides these bikes and “what is bike life?”

“The Last Ride: A Philadelphia Story” explores why the bike life is so unique to Philadelphia’s inner city, as well as how the Cross Roads Motorsports championed for five of Philly’s best riders to represent their company on the racetracks.

Popular riders, Rell, Prince, Pupo, Jay, and Mont invite viewers on a ride as they use their talents learned within the streets to fulfill their dreams of becoming motocross racers. All while trying to escape violence, re-incarceration and death. Unfortunately, Kyrell “Dirt Bike Rell” Tyler was murdered during the taping duration of this documentary.

The films associate producer, Karen Civil said, “Last Ride, narrates the challenges faced by the previous and present men and women of our generations – and the lack of resources available to develop his or her skill, drive, and vision for a professional career in Motorsports.”

Directed by Lamar McPherson, “The Last Ride: A Philadelphia Story” premiers on June 2nd in Philadelphia at the Ritz East movie theatre.

Check out the trailer below:

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