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The Motorola Razr Is Officially Returning In January 2020

#Roommates, if you desperately miss the days when you could hang up your cellphone by slamming it closed after someone absolutely TRIED IT… then you’ll be happy to know that the Motorola Razr has finally returned!

It’s about to be the mid-2000s all over again, as Motorola recently made the announcement that its beloved cellphone is coming back with a new look, design and a pretty hefty price-tag. According to tech specialists The Verge, Motorola is bringing back the Razr in the form of a foldable Android phone, but the classic design of the original will still be intact. As a tribute to the original Razr, Motorola has included a secret “Retro Razr” mode that turns the modern version into the spitting image of its 2004-era original design.

To explain a bit more about the retro mode, that will likely be what potential customers will be interested in most, it works this way. While the 2019 Razr will feature a large touchscreen, Motorola still managed to make the retro mode as authentic as possible. To ensure that you can effectively use and enjoy the phone both ways, the only way to navigate retro mode is by using the software buttons on the keypad.

As for the navigation of retro mode, it’s hidden in the Android quick setting menu. To access it, you will need to edit which items show up in the drop-down menu and then drag the Retro Razr button into that menu. After you do that, simply swipe down like you normally would when activating Airplane Mode or adjusting screen brightness and finally tap the Retro Razr button to launch.

For even more nostalgia for the original, some of the operating is even the same due to the Android launcher that faithfully re-creates the original RAZR UI through software. One of the standouts is that when dialing a number, it features the same pop-up UI as the original, including the sounds.

As for the price of the new, updated Motorola Razr, well it’s not cheap. It will retail for $1,500 and be available beginning in January 2020.


Roommates, will you be buying this?


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