Reboot this, reboot that—it seems as though we’re hearing more and more about reboots every day! Sometimes a reboot is necessary, other times we viewers should just let things be great as they were.

That being said, the 90s hit show The #FreshPrinceOfBelAir is one reboot people want to know will happen, or not. #AlfonsoRibeiro, who played #CarltonBanks, sat down with PEOPLE and basically laid out all the reasons he thinks a #FreshPrince reboot won’t necessarily work today.

He joked that, “Will ain’t coming back! Listen, you know how much money they don’t have to get Will back?..That’s the reality.” Alfonso also made a good point in saying, “Do we really want to see Will and Carlton in their 40s and 50s?..I think people think they want to see that, but I don’t think people really want to see that.”

To add, Alfonso said it’s “impossible” to have a reboot without #JamesAvery, aka #UnclePhill as he was the most important character on the show. His reasoning would probably hit home with a lot of people:

“Without him, everything that Will and Carlton did would mean nothing — it’s a bunch of kids acting stupid,” he said. “There had to be jeopardy, and the way Uncle Phil was going to handle it was the other side of making what Will and Carlton did work. Without him, there is no The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. I’m sure a [reboot] could happen, but I continue to say I think it’s very unlikely.”

Considering Alfonso’s reasoning–do y’all still want a Fresh Prince of Bel-Air reboot? Do you think it would work today? Let us know why, or why not!

Check out his interview with PEOPLE below: