Let me first start off by saying, New York City Roommates, that’s how y’all get down?! Thanks to Business Insider, there was a survey that polled over 2,00 Americans asking them to choose the five rudest cities in the United States.

It’s probably a good time to say, this list is based off of people’s opinions, so New Yorkers can very well be some of the nicest people you’ve ever met, but I digress. According to this list, New York City was named the rudest city in America, followed by Los Angeles. Interestingly enough, Washington, D.C. came in 3rd place followed by Chicago, Illinois at 4th and Boston, Massachusetts rounding the list off at five.

Other notable cities that were on the list were Baltimore at #8, Philadelphia coming in at No. 9, Atlanta at No. 12, Miami at  No. 15, Houston at No. 18 and New Orleans at No. 35.

The very last city on the list was Raleigh, North Carolina. I guess when they really say southern hospitality, they mean it! Other notable cities that are considered to be “nice” are Milwaukee coming in at No. 49, Providence, Rhode Island at No. 48 and Denver at No. 44! If you’re curious, see below:

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